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Does Cum Taste Gross?

Discussion in 'Freestyle (sexual topics)' started by NJShoreGuy51, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Did you ask him what his diet was or did he offer to tell you?
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  2. LouieGi

    LouieGi New Member

    @clave665 same thing happened to me. Urine & Semen both were red for over a month. Was weird even if I was jerkingnoff it would come out pinkish but it passed by.
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  3. teaselover

    teaselover Senior Member

    The kind with nuts
  4. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Do we all do the same test? Lol. It was indeed gross to see but human nature, what it is, wanted to see whether the equipment still works. It was indeed gross but as you said, it does disappear over a month or so. But to see a companion during that time is just pretty selfish especially if your goal is CIM.
  5. Hawk51

    Hawk51 New Member

    After CIM with one very special provider, we DFK with her mouth filled with my cum until it's dripping off her chin. Very hot and it really turns her on. She insists that we do it every session. I'm getting worked up thinking about it. Taste is neither gross or tasty. Rather neutral.
  6. Lily of Montreal

    Lily of Montreal Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    I think I told that story before but anyway ,I do not offer CIM and once asked I told the gentleman that me, I was GFE,and for me CIM was WE (wife experience) ,he said then very dryly :''you don't know my wife''...

    Still laughing, so now I just said not on the menu...I joke that I am watching my figure and there is too many calories lol

    I do not want my date to lose his,hum, inspiration trying to refrain from CIM so I am getting quite good at gauging when to pull over my mouth but accident do happen..thankfully I never had any other colour then white as that would be the end of fellatio for me,such a turn off...
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  7. wvu79

    wvu79 Senior Member + My Reviews

    My Dr. told me right up front, you'll see blood in your urine & in your semen after the biopsy. No doubt about the urine but let's be honest, every red blooded male is going to check it out in the shower to see about the semen part! :eek:

    It does take about a month to clear so I refused to visit any lovely lady until it was clear. Took more than one test in the shower to make sure, but at least I enjoyed the test! :)
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  8. wvu79

    wvu79 Senior Member + My Reviews

    Probably TMI, but ladies, that test was over a year ago so I'm good to go now. :p:p:p
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  9. clave665

    clave665 Senior Member, Moderator, Official Eunuch of BGFE Staff Member

    Same here. I did a 'MP Test run' (just R/T) once things looked OK. All just fine. I'm no saint but the LAST thing I wanted was to do 'that' to a gal!
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  10. Dreamy Danielle

    Dreamy Danielle Social Companion

    I've got an idea. For all the guys curious, you should try your own ( not pre which tends to be way milder) and then let us ladies know what you think, lol.
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  11. wvu79

    wvu79 Senior Member + My Reviews

    How I about I just take your word for it? Remember, "curiosity killed the cat". ;)
    BTW still a killer avatar there DD!
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  12. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    No chance of that happening

    I'll drink yours by the gallon though
    Nina likes this.
  13. rayalan

    rayalan Senior Member

    I have. With both my wife and a provider, I had CIM and it has been given back to me with a DFK. I smoke, drink coffee and to me the taste is just a little salty and nothing to make me gag. My wife will do it when she is exceptionally frisky (which is very rare) and the provider that I mentioned will do it when I'm exceptionally frisky, (which is just about anytime LOL).
    thai84 likes this.
  14. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    That's called "Snowballing".
  15. SensualCindy

    SensualCindy ** Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    It doesn't taste very appetizing maybe if guys would eat fruit it would be sweeter....lol
  16. I love fruit. Mangoes, sometimes pineapple, grapes (certain kinds), but especially cherries. It's just a matter of how much fruit to eat to affect the change.
  17. rayalan

    rayalan Senior Member

    Yes I know.
    thai84 likes this.
  18. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    I drank an 8 oz. glass of pineapple juice every day for a month before my ATF told me it had made a major improvement.
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  19. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    Any fruit? Right? Just eat fruit every day. Not just to make you cum taste good its good for you
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  20. AlexisSweet69

    AlexisSweet69 Social Companion Verified

    It's Yummy! :p But I believe it depends on His diet! ;)

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