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Electric Blue

Discussion in 'Gentleman Clubs/Alternatives (CT)' started by Guinness Blue, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Hartguy

    Hartguy New Member

    The $5 fee is charged to the dancers, each time they enter the LD area. Of course, like the jukebox, they ask the customer for the fee. My understanding is the fee is only charged to the day girls; not evening shift. Haven't seen Skye (or many others) in a long time, Flavia was in last week or so for like one day. Business is definitely not what it use to be and I'm guessing some dancers have sought employment elsewhere; or many are on vacation at the same time. They have booked 50 cent to appear on sunday 8/21 in the evening. That should stir things up.
  2. Fazone

    Fazone New Member

    "They have booked 50 cent to appear on sunday 8/21 in the evening. That should stir things up."

    50 Cent, the over the hill thug rapper? Yeesh. Booze, babes and meatheads. Good luck to EB. They'll need it.
  3. Drew

    Drew New Member

    Has anyone seen or know when this new girl Jenny? Who is this Star mentioned on the other board?
  4. Wizard69

    Wizard69 New Member

    can anyone tell me what days Sky/Jasmine works ?
  5. Drew

    Drew New Member

    I've usually seen her there on a Friday. She used to work Wednesday and Friday. But its best to get a dance from them and then ask their schedule.
  6. jnm12661

    jnm12661 New Member

    I was in last weekend and thought it was much better than my other recent visits. There were around 15 girls, and they were pretty friendly. Daisy and Blondie especially showed me a good time.
  7. stripperlover

    stripperlover Member

    Maybe we can revive this thread and share some useful information. I'll start.

    I've only been to EB maybe 3 times in the last 2 years. All of my favorites have moved on now - Linda, Autumn, Marcella and Stephanie. But that just means it's time to make some new friends. About 8 girls were present Saturday afternoon. I decided to sample the ladies that appealed to me in the lapdance area. Here are my notes - in no particular order.

    Mary Lu is a very pretty, slender American girl about 25 years old I'd guess. She told me it was the first time she ever worked a day shift at EB and that she's been on the night shift since last fall. Nice conversation and soft skin. I hope she's there next time I'm in because I'd like to go another round.

    Carla is a light skinned slender Brazilian with long hair around 30 years old. I found her attractive. She speaks absolutely no English so pratique seu portugues unless your the kind who likes their women silent. I'd describe her lapdance as somewhere between rough and violent. If you're into pain she's your gal.

    Annie is a young Brazilian of about 23 I'd guess. Her English is very good. She has darker skin and dark hair. While I didn't find her as attractive as the others she gave off a wild child vibe that I had to test. Of the girls I sampled I'd vote her most likely to... The thing I didn't like was the intense upsell. Maybe because she had never seen me before she thought of me as a one and done customer. We'll see.

    Amanda is probably in her early 30s. She has light skin and dark hair. She's not as slender as the others but hardly big. It's just that I like them on the smaller side. But she has a killer smile so I was hooked. Her lapdances were very sensual. Much more like something your girlfriend might do than the usual pay for play. I loved it. She said she came here from Chile 2 years ago. Based on her English skills I would have guessed she lived here much longer. We didn't talk much but I'll bet she's a good conversationalist. I will definitely repeat.

    I hope some of you other guys will chime in and perhaps report on any experiences you've had with the girls I mentioned and others.
  8. Drew

    Drew New Member

    Love Amanda, great body, gave me a price for CR, I think some girls give a price because they know you won't pay. Not familiar with the others. There was a Violet on evening, but didn't have a dance with her. Haven't been there in several months.
  9. Guinness Blue

    Guinness Blue Member

    I haven't been in for a visit in about 4 months. Maybe I'll stop back in and see what's new. It would be nice to see this thread be active again.
  10. prober

    prober New Member

    I did a CR with Amanda once. She gave me the basic price, then once in the CR, she said that was just for going to the room, anything else was more.

    That was the last time I was with her.
  11. Hartguy

    Hartguy New Member

    I have only been with Amanda in the lap dance area, several times. I think you basically get all there is on the first two dances. I have been with Annie several times in the lap dance area and also felt two dances were more than enough to determine her limits. Blondie (Fri - Sun) is loud, but usually very accommodating. Jessica promises much, but delivers little. Patty is fun and provides a good lap dance; and is very honest about her champagne room delivery.

    I heard rumors there were changes forthcoming; potentially dances moving to $25; and a 15 min ($50) & 30 min ($100)champagne room rental. Stay Tuned!
  12. prober

    prober New Member

    I agree with Jessica promising a lot, but not delivering. I like to use this to my advantage. She will come up to me at the bar and try to entice me into the back room, getting cuddly and such. I hem and haw about going back, saying maybe later, while enjoying some touchy-feeling in the process.
  13. prober

    prober New Member

    For you Flavia fans. I stopped in at the Blue this afternoon. I asked Kathy about Flavia. She said Flavia will be back next month, at her usual 3rd week of the month schedule.

    I had LD's from Vanessa and Patty. BTW, things are back to normal in the LD area.
  14. Guinness Blue

    Guinness Blue Member

    I stopped by yesterday afternoon - I think it was my first visit since December. Had an LD from Ruby. I must admit, it was a top 5 LD in my experience. We were the only ones in the area and she held nothing back. I think she would hold a lot of promise in the CR and may have a visit with her one of these days.

    Has anyone had a LD or CR from April? She looked pretty hot yesterday. I might have checked her out but Ruby beat her to the punch.
  15. jnm12661

    jnm12661 New Member

    I agree about Blondie. BTW she has an apartment in the area. It would be great if they gave shorter time allotments for the Champagne rooms, although the upsell attempts could get crazy.
  16. Hartguy

    Hartguy New Member

    Not sure anyone reads/cares about this forum any more, but if so; they have eliminated the $5 cover charge. However, they have increased from $5 to $20 the "fee" each dancer pays to the doorman each time she enters the LD area. The first dance now costs $40 ($20 to club, $20 dancer) subsequent dances remain at $20. The night "fee" is only $10. Anyone out there?
  17. Agave

    Agave New Member

    I haven't been there in months and wasn't intrigued by the line up. As for the 20/20 fee, that's not going to bring people in the doors, stay with the cover charge and let people enjoy themselves.
  18. screamineagle10

    screamineagle10 New Member

    I'm a weekday, daytime E.B. semi regular and ,yes i still check out this forum because the 5 or 6 guys who comment on here give good info that i find to be factual and believable and the only forum that i would feel comfortable sharing anything with. I'm aware of the changes management is implementing and while i understand their need to pay the rent i hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot.Some of the girls are distraught over it and some are working on ways to deal with it but things change daily so lets see how it all plays out.

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