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Hotel Issues

Discussion in 'Alerts/Warnings - discussions' started by njlefty, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. subman

    subman Senior Member

    Law Enforcement (cops)
  2. GillianRoseGFE

    GillianRoseGFE Social Companion Verified

    Ok I honestly didn't know.

    Wow never ever even had an issue or wud think of having one.

    The nights i have my date I check in at check on time and just say yea my "boyfriend" will be mtg me here later can I have an extra key for him. Sometimes I loose the keys or my date goes and gets ice. I dnt see how the LE wud suspect a woman getting or having a room for the nite I leave the hotel after the date but I do that online check out. Wow I am learning a lot ..
  3. GillianRoseGFE

    GillianRoseGFE Social Companion Verified

    LMFAO!!!!! LOL
  4. They have probably heard that before. I would just say nothing besides just asking for two keys.
  5. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

  6. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews


    I was looking at it from the idea that he didn't know about that part.

    Methinks he is in big trouble.
  7. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    That dude was chillin' in the room toking up and pimping out a 16 year old. Fuck the discount. That's capitalism, baby!
  8. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    Did anyone notice that in article even with reports from hotel, they still had to book an appt to catch her??? SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN
  9. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    Merriam's has six categories for SCREEN.;):)

    Definition of screen
    1. 1: a protective or ornamental device (such as a movable partition) shielding an area from heat or drafts or from view

    2. 2: something that shelters, protects, or hides: such asa : a growth or stand of trees, shrubs, or plantsb : a protective formation of troops, ships, or planesc : something that covers or disguises the true nature (as of an activity or feeling) his geniality is just a screend (1) : a maneuver in various sports (such as basketball or ice hockey) whereby an opponent is legally impeded or the opponent's view of the play is momentarily blocked (2) : screen pass

    3. 3a : a perforated plate or cylinder or a meshed wire or cloth fabric usually mounted and used to separate coarser from finer partsb : a system for examining and separating into different groupsc : a piece of apparatus designed to prevent agencies in one part from affecting other parts an optical screend : a frame holding a usually metallic netting used especially in a window or door to exclude pests (such as insects)

    4. 4a : a flat surface on which a picture or series of pictures is projected or reflectedb : the surface on which the image appears in an electronic display (as in a television set, radar receiver, or computer terminal); also : the information displayed on a computer screen at one time

    5. 5: a glass plate ruled with crossing opaque lines through which an image is photographed in making a halftone

    6. 6: the motion-picture medium or industry
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  10. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    You know what screen I mean!
    njlefty likes this.
  11. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    I know, I'm just an old Scrabble guy and love certain words.
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  12. agentjohnson

    agentjohnson New Member

    Just like in aviation and nuclear accidents, it's often not a single catastrophic failure that brings down the system. It's a series of small failures.
    1) Drawing hotel's attention to her activity. Failure to be discreet.
    2) Allowing LE access to her. Failure to screen.
    3) In presence of LEO providing all the elements needed for probable cause. Failure to speak/act appropriately.

    Although unsaid, I'll wager that she also
    4) After Miranda warning, continued to speak to LE. Failure to exercise right to STFU and lawyer up.
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  13. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    If there is anything I've learned in this world, Silence is Golden. Just provide name and ID and then ask for a lawyer. After doing that, you don't owe anyone anything further.
  14. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

  15. superdogg69

    superdogg69 Senior Member

    Wish it was Paris Hilton :drool::drool::drool:
    njlefty likes this.

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