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If you book an hour...how long do you normally stay?

Discussion in 'Freestyle (sexual topics)' started by Orgasmgiver15, May 15, 2017.


If you book an hour, how long do you typically stay?

  1. 0-20 minutes

    0 vote(s)
  2. 21-40 minutes

    1 vote(s)
  3. 41- 60 minutes

    22 vote(s)
  1. Orgasmgiver15

    Orgasmgiver15 New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys, puts things into perspective.

    Especially when 100% of the pole selected the option I wouldn't have.
    thai84 likes this.
  2. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    Ain't Nothin' Wrong when it Cums 2 Ur Time & $$$
    .....With Bein' A Frugal Monger !:thumbsup:
    We're Here 2 Help !
    ....We're Here...2 Show U The Way !:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. superdogg69

    superdogg69 Senior Member

    There's no right or wrong answer to how long to schedule appointments for

    @thai84 likes 3 hour appointments, I would be napping for the last 2 if I did that so 3 hours is not for me, even if it was the same rate as 1 hour, I just don't need the time

    Also, for me, I'm a 1 pop guy so don't need/want hours on end

    Some guys feel that how many times they get off is in some way equated to value (i.e. 3 pops in a $250 an hour appointment is ~85 bucks a pop LOL... I don't look at it that way but there is nothing wrong with it if that's what you like)

    The providers I'm friends with outside of the hobby have told me that the guys that go for round 2 and especially round 3 can't finish in the later rounds anyway half the time and leave with some sense of frustration

    That is the last thing I want

    For me the first pop is always the best anyway, so I prefer to leave it right there and leave happy :)
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  4. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    The first pop is great but it always comes fast. The second I like even more because it is a longer slower buildup with the more explosive finish.

    There are many ways to play this game and the trick is finding out what works best for what you want to get out of your dates and then go with it.

    Another reason I like 3 hour dates besides the intimacy of taking ones time and the multiple pops from both parties is it makes me low volume. I couldn't do this frequently even if I wanted to because it would be noticed. Side effect is I put everything into each date and they become special occasions. I'd hate to feel this to be another routine that is something I just do and not something special.

    Again though that's me. @op ... anyone ... go with how you feel most comfortable
  5. little willy

    little willy Senior Member -Wannerator-

    Thank you, Sir. I just got a notification that it received its 9th "like"
    Somehow, no QOTD nomination.
    The 9 likes by the people and 16 :roflmao:s from you makes my work worthwhile. People's choice :roflmao::D
    Cazbah and superdogg69 like this.
  6. Lily of Montreal

    Lily of Montreal Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    What a strange thread...If someone book me for an hour I expect to play for one hour,so plan at least 1h30 to allow for the chit chat before and the shower-à-deux after.
    I do need time to get down from my high of meeting otherwise if it is done after 30 min like it happened to me last week I am in the bus and people look at me wondering what I have smoke (nothing).

    That meeting was so strange,he asked for 30 min which I do not offer,he said fine one hour,we played and after the second round he got up and shower time.
    Me I had no clue what time it was,full disclosure here: one of the reason I am not a clock watcher is I do not see it,remove my glasses in bed lol,

    Anyway he gave me the donation (I forgot to check if it was prepared ) and he asked if I sometime ask for less?
    I was ,hum,no? Then he left and I saw we had been together only 30 min(!),I left leaving not satisfied as I had spent more time making myself pretty then playing...
  7. Krystal

    Krystal Social Companion Verified

    That's guy is an asshole. But he's really just a smart man trying maximize his bang for his buck.

    Personally if a guy is only going to pop once and isn't a big talker I recommend he save his money and take a half hour.

    But I do prefer hours. It's nice to get to know someone you just sucked off.
    ruth3, DrewP. Balls, pmb429 and 2 others like this.
  8. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    QOFTD nominee!
    DrewP. Balls, Cazbah and LouieGi like this.
  9. rayalan

    rayalan Senior Member

    Now this a a quote I'm going to carry in my head for the rest of the day. :thumbsup:
  10. Cazbah

    Cazbah Senior Member

    Dude...I just woke the fuck up. I'm still groggy. You got 9 likes. .of course it's a nominee. Someone else nominated you anyway. I'll go back and nominate you.:) Then I'm going back to sleep. Love sleeping while it's raining !!!
    little willy likes this.
  11. Cazbah

    Cazbah Senior Member

    MEN !!!! I'm revoking his man card. You spent all that time making yourself pretty and he was there just a half hour ??? What is wrong with this picture. Lily was just st getting started.DAMMIT !!! :)
    Lily of Montreal likes this.
  12. Cazbah

    Cazbah Senior Member

    rayalan likes this.
  13. Cazbah

    Cazbah Senior Member

    Ok, you're officially a nominee now. LOL. I'm going back to sleep. :)
    little willy likes this.
  14. Cazbah

    Cazbah Senior Member

    No better was for a woman to say hello. Than with me in her mouth. It's kinda muffled, but I can make it out.

    My hellos with women are muffled as well. I love long hellos :)
    Krystal likes this.
  15. Cazbah

    Cazbah Senior Member

    Was there ever any doubt ???
  16. acgambler54

    acgambler54 Member

    I always book an hour. But I'm usually gone in about 20-30 minutes. I'm a one and done kind of guy. But it's not like a half hour is half the price. So my thinking is it's worth the extra money not to feel rushed and worry that I'm there too long. Plus the woman I see are worth every dime no matter how long I stay!
    Cazbah and little willy like this.
  17. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    An Effective Monger Strategy !
  18. ledawg1

    ledawg1 Member

    unless there is a reason to leave, or its a quick in & out type situation like the LMP's in LA, I try to get as much of the time that I'm paying for as I can
  19. subman

    subman Senior Member

    I never book less than an hour, even though I'm a one and done. I always like to have some time left for some cuddling and for some pillow talk, that is what makes a true GFE session for me. There have been times, when I started to get out of bed to get dressed and the provider will tell me to relax, there's no hurry, it actually happened again today. At that point we are only talking anyway and I really do believe that if a provider doesn't have another appointment for awhile and she is enjoying the conversation, she would rather have the company than being alone in the room, but I always make sure not to overstay my welcome.
    rayalan and clave665 like this.
  20. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    Amen !
    A Gentleman Monger Reports for Duty:hungry: On Time..... and adheres to His ETD !;)

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