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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send a PM? (Private Message)

Private Messages, or PM's, are known as conversations here. Once you have been approved, click on INBOX toward upper right. Click on CONVERSATIONS and then START CONVERSATION. There are other ways to start a conversation,, but that is the most basic.

I just received a trophy. What can be done with trophies? How are they used? Thanks, Mark

We do not use trophies at the moment. They are used for various purposes on other boards, such as user promotion, etc. Here they are a pat on the back.

Is there a means to search the archives from 2009 to 2015?

No. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, you can ask a mod for assistance who may be able to locate the information for you.

I just joined. How do I send a private message or reply to an ad?

You must wait for approval to send a PM.

Private Messages, or PM's, are known as conversations here. Once you have been approved, click on INBOX toward upper right. Click on CONVERSATIONS and then START CONVERSATION. There are other ways to start a conversation,, but that is the most basic.

Ladies must go through an extra verification process before using Conversations.

hi, how do I upgrade my profile so that I can make posts?

First off, please be patient, approval is a manual process.
If you are a lady you may email admin@bestgfe.com. He will send you the advertising application.

How do I remove a review or I want to edit? Made a few small mistakes.

If you wish to edit any post you made, click on the "edit" button on the left, under the post.
If you wish to delete the OP of a thread you started, click on Report and ask to have it deleted.
You may be denied if other members have already replied to your OP. Then you could just edit your post.


Private Messages, or PM's, are known as conversations here. Once you have been approved, click on INBOX toward upper right. Click on CONVERSATIONS and then START CONVERSATION. There are other ways to start a conversation,, but that is the most basic. For example, you can also click on a member's name and in the box that appears is an option to start a conversation.

Cancel my account

Email admin@bestgfe.com to cancel you account. All posts made here remain and will show under a 'retired' name. We have always had a Hotel California rule : You can check any time you want, but you can never leave.

How do I read reviews about a particular girl?

Use the search box near your name near upper right. Search by name or by last 4 digits of phone. You can also click the MORE box, and enter a specific forum if you are looking in a particular geographic location.

Any there any rules about posting here?

Good question. There are.

Also see our help topic: BestGFE Sandbox for Specific Information

The number one rule of the board is to treat everyone on the board with RESPECT. No exceptions. If you find something is that objectionable, you can flag a post for moderators to handle. Do NOT engage in a flame war. No one wins and you could end up with a lifetime ban.

We do NOT tolerate posts about drugs or children in any form. We do not need to be reminded the latter is despicable. We do NOT allow posts that are racist, sexist or show hatred toward any ethnic or religious group. Also see : BestGFE Sandbox for Specific Information. If you want to be 'politically incorrect', go elsewhere.

Please do not litter Review threads with unnecessary comments. It makes it difficult to read. Companions MUST stay out of each others threads and are not to comment on each other.

We DO encourage you to search for answers and to post thoughtful posts and questions. If you gain from using the board, we ask that you give back so that others may gain from your advice as well. We encourage you to post reviews. Please click on links to sponsors. Please mention BestGFE when you contact them.

Take your time, the site is easy to navigate when you get a handle on it. Ask questions if you need help. The board is designed to be a fun community and we need YOUR help to keep it that way!

Should you have questions, suggestions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact admin@BestGFE.com

How do I figure BestGFE out?

Don't let the board intimidate you.

We strive to create a community where people can discuss everything and anything they wish. A one stop social community with an adult orientation.

The portal page/home page gives you a snapshot into the site. latest ads, news, latest reviews and posts. Most people use this as a starting point.

All the FORUMS are listed in the middle. There is a GENERAL section listed first that covers a wide variety of topics, from general sex talk to sports and politics. This General Section is followed by GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS where you will finds ads, reviews, ISO, restaurants and things to do in that specific area.

So find the broad category that interests you. For instance, should you wish to view information on Gentlemen's Clubs in Philadelphia, you would scroll down to GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS, and then look for Pennsylvania, then Philadelphia, and finally the GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS forum. CLICK on that. You will see a list of all posting about that topic.

If you want to talk in general about sexual topics, go to the FREESTYLE section under General. Click on that to view those topics.

We also have REVIEWS/DISCUSSIONS - NON-GEOGRAPHIC a place for specialties and a place where we gather reviews for paid advertisers and guys who have more than 6 reviews. Again those topics are a click away.

Once you have found an forum/area of interest, you can view an existing thread and the entire discussion by clicking on it. You can answer and discuss things by typing a reply at the end of the thread and then clicking on POST REPLY.

If you want to post on a new club or create a new Freestyle thread (or any topic) that is not already listed, click on POST NEW THREAD button both on the top of the screen (near your name) or also on the bottom (after the listing of all the current posts). Click on either of those buttons to POST NEW THREAD and you will be able to create your first thread!

Always check to make sure a similar topic does not already exist. This is especially important when creating a new review thread. To help you a little, when you start creating a new thread, a window will pop up with what the computer thinks are similar threads. Sometimes you may find the topic already exists, but if not, continue to create your new thread.

Explore the main FORUM LIST http://www.bestgfe.com

And above all, HAVE FUN!

How do I advertise on BestGFE?

In order to get started, you must contact admin@BestGFE.com to discuss what you will be advertising.

If you are advertising a service, you will be asked to provide certain information to prove you are of age.

In the case of services, you will also have to sign (with your username) that you do NOT and WILL NOT offer illegal services. Solicitation for illegal activities is not allowed.

Ready? Let's get started. Contact admin here : admin@BestGFE.com

Please tell me how to submit a provider review. Step by step.

For Forum Reviews:
To post a review, go to the geographic area where you had your experience.

Once there, click on the link for REVIEWS.

If the service has not been reviewed before (do a SEARCH first), create NEW THREAD.

If the service has been reviewed before in that area , then create a NEW POST in that existing thread.

Type in your review and be sure to include ad info or links to the site of the item being reviewed.

For Showcase Reviews:
To post a Showcase review, go to the picture you are reviewing.

Near the bottom, click the proper star rating next to Rate & Review Item

Enter all required fields

Then click on SUBMIT REVIEW

What is the limit on characters for Showcase reviews?

The review is limited to 2500 characters.
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