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Another Excellent Date With Brenda Boobies

Discussion in 'Reviews Central FL' started by Chris C, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Chris C

    Chris C Contributing Member

    The specs:

    Height: 5'4", 5'8"with heels.

    Hair color: Black

    Measurements: 32DDD-25-35

    Tits: Enhanced

    Greek: No
    Smoker: No

    Services: LFK, DFK, Toys, BBBJ, 69, RCG, Doggie, Female Condom


    Date:4 hour dinner date Thursday January 26th.

    Website: misstressbbintampa.com

    The Very Juicy Details:

    My hotel.

    I arranged Room service before Brenda arrived. I opened the door to Brenda in a nice red dress and black heels. We made out before Room service arrived, had dinner and a nice chat, Brenda went to brush her teeth and freshen her lipstick, I went to the bathroom after her, came out to Brenda in nothing but black bra and panties and those heels. I got naked as she finished her wine and laid on the bed, slid her panties off and asked me to kiss her “other lips”. I knelt down on the floor and went DATY on her, feeling her 4 inch heels on my back, my hands fondling her ass and legs. She got wet and I sucked her juices, I got hard as she came in my mouth, she inserted a female condom as I stroked my already hard cock, we fucked missionary, Brenda licking that hot red mouth, I kissed her deep as I pounded her pussy, a long lipstick smearing kiss. We switched to cowgirl, Brenda rode me, unhooking her bra, revealing those sweet DDD’s. All I could say in Spanish was “make love to those tits” before Brenda laughed and kissed me again, we made out then I helped myself to her impressive cleavage, Brenda pushing those tetas mas grandes in my face, I kissed them and sucked them, Brenda pounded my cock, I bit her nipple gently, then licked her areolas and nipples furiously, Brenda told me in Spanish, “suck them like you love me!”, I obliged as I came in her, still loving those tits for several minutes as I shot my load into her. We made out afterward I kissed those big tits again, licked her belly, pulled out the female condom and went DATY for a few minutes of after play.

    We had some more wine, Brenda grabbed a strawberry, rubbed it on her tits and put it in her lips, I tried to eat it, we deep kissed again. We drank and chatted, told her my company got a new client, she laughed and told me she knows the company, their CEO is one of her clients!

    Round two. Brenda reapplied her red lipstick and painted my lips with it. Our tongues played outside our mouths, I licked my way down her chest, licked and sucked her tits again, she enjoyed seeing my red lips on her tits, stroking my cock hard. I asked her to suck my cock, wanted that lipstick smearing my cock! I sat on the foot of the bed, she knelt down and went down on me, giving me one serious BBBJ. I played with her tits while watching my cock painted red with her lipstick. She got on the bed, we made out, and went to 69. She stopped the BBBJ for a titfuck/69, I enjoyed feeling her press her tits around my cock, I sucked hard on her pussy and drove my tongue deep into her wet snatch, I sucked on her clit as I kept fucking those huge tits, Brenda exploded in my mouth, I swallowed her cum. Brenda said in Spanish “fuck me lover”, I wanted to finish on those tits, then she growled “fuck me now!” I stopped DATY and kissed her, grabbed a female condom and slid it into her, kissing those tits as she reapplied her lipstick. We started fucking doggie, gently smacking her ass. Then Brenda told me to sit back , I obliged, we switched to RCG with my cock still inside her! I forgot she was a stripper! The sitting RCG became my laying down, Brenda on top of me!

    I laid there fucking her pussy , Brenda grinding my cock, my hands squeezing those huge tits. After several more minutes of bumping and grinding I came in her, she pulled out and we made out and I sucked those sweet tits in sweet after play! We had more wine and laid there in a nice cuddle.

    We had time for one more round so Brenda put on more lipstick, knelt down and sucked my cock while I played with her tits. My cock and balls felt great with those nice lips on my cock. I got hard and wanted to fuck those tits, I lubed my cock while Brenda reapplied her lipstick. Poured some lube between those melons and gave her tits a nice screwing. Shot my load between her DDD's, she got on the bed and we made out .

    Finished the night with a nice shower, soaping our bodies and making out.

    I know she is in Orlando, but if you are traveling that way, worth the $$$ to see her.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 2.57.10 PM.png
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
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  2. hornye

    hornye Senior Member

    I love Brenda. I was the winner of her lottery in, I think, 2012. It was a memorable encounter. I wish her only the best.
  3. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild Moderator Staff Member

    @Chris C Please. All review threads must have contact info,. Thank you
  4. hamptonphish2004

    hamptonphish2004 New Member

    ISO details. looking for an extended date in May. this would be perfect. please share. PM me

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