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Do you think Donald Trump will last?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nina, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    Do you think Donald Trump will last four years? Be reelected?
    He out right insults anyone, lies constantly, he's a fucking hypocrite (especially when it comes to immigration with his three immigrant wives), he's creating his own set of founding fathers (see movie The Purge), the way he talks about his daughter is creepy and inappropriate, and he shits on the Constitution.
    Do you think they will have the balls to impeach him, or better yet assassinate him? Other countries are laughing at us right now if they are not planning WWIII. I seriously hope they handed him fake nuclear codes. I wouldn't trust him with the cheat codes to a PlayStation video game.
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  2. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I think his 2nd wife was American! Lol
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  3. sirdosser

    sirdosser Senior Member

    Haha, Fake codes: *Pushes button and the garage door opens and closes*

    All of what you say is true @Nina but none of it matters. Both Congress and Senate are Rep and they're doing fuck all to stop the Flailing President Trump's shit show. Not a set of real balls on one of them. Its as disgraceful as the Flailing President Trump himself. Back on topic, he will make it to mid-terms. If at that time he has delivered on tax cuts, repeal of Obama Care (which btw he called Obamica at one point in today's presser, lol) and jobs then he goes the distance. Too many Reps are just looking out for party interest, even at the peril unconstitutional bull shit. If he doesn't deliver at mid-terms they will turn on him.
  4. Dr.Savy

    Dr.Savy ++ Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

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  5. And let's not forget... the Democrats on many occasions CONTINUE to pick weakass candidates. Hillary, Kerry, Gore, Dukakis, and Mondale...

    Even Michael Savage said that Trump would have lost to Joe Biden.
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  6. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    Biden would have been fine for 4 years until the GOP got its shit together.
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  7. Charisma matters to the American people and the five I mentioned didn't have it. Clinton and Obama had charisma and that's why they won two terms.
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  8. sirdosser

    sirdosser Senior Member

    The greedy bastards. They needed those four years to refine their comeback plan.
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  9. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Nina, never mind whether he will last four years. Will we last four years?

    It's been 27 days or so and the country is exhausted. He is stumbling at every turn and believes he's doing well. The Emperor has no clothes and we gotta watch him everyday as he makes the country ill again.
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  10. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    Conviction on articles of Impeachment needs 67 votes. That's 19 GOP senators to go with 48 Dems.

    Not going to happen.

    Maybe a federal prosecutor calls for a grand jury. But, hey, his boss is that peckerwood, Jefferson Bureaugard Sessions. Just happened to be working on Tweeto Von Cheeto's campaign.

    Yeah. Right. Just don't see it happening.
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  11. sirdosser

    sirdosser Senior Member

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  12. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I'm just waiting for Congress to fucking do something. Anything. It's getting silly watching el Presidente run rampant and the GOP does nothing. To their credit, the Dems are making all the noise. You'd think they have the majority.
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  13. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    Would you even get the house to impeach? I mean, this isn't House of Cards. We're stuck with this. I'm just gonna hope that the Courts continue doing the right thing and that eventually Congress reigns him in.
    Nina likes this.
  14. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    Cheeto is more popular among GOP voters than Reagan, Bush, and Bush at this point in their administrations.

    When GOP voters turn on him, then the politicians will turn on him.

    My guess, they need to lose their jobs and homes or their kids come back home in flagged draped caskets from foreign wars for them to change their support on Cheeto.

    If everything that has happened to this point hasn't changed them, then only pain and suffering will change them.
    Nina likes this.
  15. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    There are actually enough GOP reps in districts that Clinton won to put control of the House in play in 2018. The Dems have a tougher road in the Senate. There isn't a shot there until 2020 and it would be well short of 67.
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  16. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    Ah, ok. I thought folks here were considering a more immediate solution.
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  17. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    People may be wanting that.....


    I am going with recent trends in political science. Negative partisanship governs everything it seems. Like sports teams. Boo Giants; Go Jets! Or whatever people are thinking.

    I mean you run the risk of vaccinations becoming a partisan issue because Tweeto Von Cheeto wants to play anti-vax curious. Vaccinations only work if everyone is getting their kids their shots. Go beyond a certain threshold and it's like the Industrial Revolution and modern medicine never happened.

    People risk that shit because "oh Gawd, the fuckin' libtard fascists are a bunch of snowflakes."

    So, they risk killing their own kids because of the twittering pronouncements of Tweeto Von Cheeto.
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  18. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I think it's a bit more than what your last sentence indicates. As taboo as this might be: Obama was not quite the great unifier he was purported to be.

    A lot of these people, many GOP types and a bunch of Reagan Democrats, really do feel like the 'forgotten man'. Trump, Conway, whoever were brilliant in talking to those people.

    They're playing them now. And what's interesting is that there's a bit of truth to what he runs around screaming about. Not a lot; just enough. There are some 'fake' stories. Releasing the Russian dossier was bad business. So these folks keep eating it up.

    It's tough to give up on an idea after a month. If they do, what then? Like, is Pence now the answer for them?

    Lastly - when we eliminate the Deep South and the coasts, we're left with what decides the election: heartland types. They've got a very different perspective on all of this then we do.
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  19. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    It's up to to two bodies to get us through the next four years: The Courts most likely in blue states who will hear constant challenges to his bands, Presidential decrees and policies. And, American activists on both the individual and corporate levels who will challenge him and push their Representatives to do the correct thing. These two groups will have to take the lead as our Congress lead by Ryan and McConnell seem unable or unwilling to put on their pants.
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  20. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    A: I wouldn't quit on Ryan just yet.
    B: Activism is not going to be the answer where it matters. As i said above. The coasts will hate the trump no matter what. The Deep South will love him no matter what. His longevity, or lack thereof, will be decided by the heartland.

    Time will tell. And to your point: thank God for the courts.
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