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Ferrari logo wallpaper

Discussion in 'Go Off Topic (non-sexual)' started by Clinical1990, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Clinical1990

    Clinical1990 New Member

    Ferrari is a manufacturing company of the Italian sports car by founder Enzo Ferrari in 1929. With an initial name Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari Sustainability means), the specialist manufacturer sponsored racers and processing creating the kind of racing. By the year 1946, the company started producing cars for both the everyday life and become Ferrari S.P.A Its name associated with the race, especially motor racing Formula 1. Today, Scuderia Ferrari names its former used to put the name of Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro in the famous Race formula 1.

    Ferrari S.P.A the production company of the Italian sports car by founder Enzo Ferrari in 1929. With the first name is Scuderia Ferrari, the company specializes in financing for the riders and the racing cars before being put into use. In 1947, the company officially named Ferrari S.P.A In its development history, Ferrari is known through the race, especially the company has been very successful in racing, "Formula 1". For more insights on this famous car manufacturers install yourself our car wallpaper download, beautiful wallpapers suitable as wallpaper for your computer and your phone, you can gaze at the dream car every day.

    After years of financial crisis, 1969 Enzo Ferrari decided to sell the sports car brand for Fiat to maintain the company's operations. Enzo Ferrari died in 1988, the upper age of 90. A year before he died, he launched Ferrari F40 models, one of the most famous supercars.

    Ferrari also licensed for a variety of products bearing its brand name, such as eyeglasses, pens, pencils, electronic goods, perfumes, clothing, high-tech bicycles, mobile phones and even laptop.

    The yellow Ferrari logo is the characteristic color of the city Modene. And horses war booty cage is by a friend of Enzo Ferrari (Ferrari boss) is a pilot fighter shot down a German plane brought him gifts. And Enzo took the horse as a symbol to mark his car.

    Ferrari logo is a symbol Bucking Horse on a yellow background fresh leaped usually two letters SF (Scuderia Ferrari) below. Scuderia Ferrari is the name of its famous teams. In addition, the outline of the logo was in 3 colors of the Italian flag.

    You can get access to 3d wallpaper download for more images of the famous car company to be able to decipher the interesting things about the car. We will help you choose the most beautiful and masonry form best suited to you.

    If you're a fan of the beauty and elegance of the car, visit a black wallpaper download to have more beautiful wallpaper and other attractions to beautify your screen, we will not make you disappointed
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  2. lovelyemma

    lovelyemma Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Just freaking beautiful !!!!!!!!!! I'm wet just looking at that car OMG!!!! Hmmmm
  3. Hate to break it to you Emma but this is a spam bot. They are getting smarter now but the dead giveaway is the links in his posts.
  4. tryan125a

    tryan125a Retired

    thats what i was thinkin
    i need the real thing

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