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Hackers Hit Hyatt Hotels

Discussion in 'Go Off Topic (non-sexual)' started by njlefty, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    Hackers Hit Hyatt Chain With Credit Card Stealing Malware

    Hyatt Hotels is the latest company to have been hit by hackers, who managed to breach its network, access the payment processing system and possibly steal payment-card information belonging to visitors.

    The hack was discovered three weeks ago, Reuters reports, making it the latest event in a series of breaches at hospitality firms. According to company spokeswoman Stephanie Sheppard, the attack was discovered on November 30th. But she did not reveal any details about its scope.

    It’s not clear at this time how many customers have been affected by the hack, how long the network was infected, or how many of the chain’s 627 hotels were affected. The company did not even disclose the kind of malware that was used against its network. The company did say that the malware was programmed to collect payment information, including card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes.

    “Customers should review their payment-card account statements closely and report any unauthorized charges to their card issuer immediately,” Sheppard said.

    She continued, “We have taken steps to strengthen the security of our systems. Customers can feel confident using payment cards at Hyatt hotels worldwide.” The company posted up a mini-site where customers can read more details about the attack – check out this link.

    Reuters further reports that Cyber intelligence firm iSight Partners warned various merchants in late November including hospitality companies, about ModPOS, a new kind of malware that’s apparently capable stealing payment information while escaping detection from almost all security software.

    --BGR.com December 24, 2015
  2. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    Hilton, too.....

    Hyatt isn't the only hotel chain to have been compromised this season, with Hilton falling victim to a similar malware attack on their point-of-sales systems exactly a month ago.

    Hyatt has yet to release details on exactly what type or information was accessed, or how long ago the malware had been in effect. Until more about the hack can be identified, it's a smart idea for any holiday travelers to keep tabs on their credit card activity this season.

    -- TechRadar.com
  3. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    It's a real conundrum for people who typically use credit cards. Either risk getting your information hijacked if you use your credit card or if you use a cash at a better hotel, be possibly seen as someone with something to hide because you're paying with cash.

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