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How to see un-blurred pictures

Discussion in 'City Girls Forum' started by CityGirls, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. CityGirls

    CityGirls Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    1. Find Windows Computer first.
    2. Open your any browser.
    3. Go to http://becauseitsprivate.com (NOT m.becauseitsprivate.com)
    4. There you will see instructional video of the process.
    Alone6 and redwoodindy like this.
  2. redwoodindy

    redwoodindy Member

    Its a great website for seeing the ladies unblurred photo's and checking availability and making appointments.
    5 star on that creation!
    CityGirls likes this.
  3. CityGirls

    CityGirls Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    Thanks. Some more features will be made available there.
    Note: one important thing (which is not visible, but I have receives numerous questions about this topic) is that we were able to develop this new website and give members an access, without having any of the personal info of any member on the server: no names, emails, cellphone numbers, screening info etc, but still giving them access to very useful features.
    For example like in Ashley Madison case, owners didnt really care if server will be hacked, and members info leaked, so they put all the information on the same server, including billing info. There is no bullet-proof security for any system, but if you dont keep information on it, there is nothing to worry, right?
  4. AJ1

    AJ1 Member

    So now we do not have to use Asps browser?
  5. CityGirls

    CityGirls Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    Asps browser is simply if you nwat to see un-blurred pictures. It will be always a must for un-blurred version. If its not important for you, you can use un-locked version through any other browser, but pictures will be blurred.
    Estraven likes this.
  6. catwrangler2

    catwrangler2 New Member

    Is the unblurred VIP ASPS website working? I cannot login.
  7. grawp02

    grawp02 Member

    There's a message on my login page that says the VIP site is unavailable until February
    Cmh614 Guy likes this.
  8. CityGirls

    CityGirls Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    Fixed already
  9. Ishitunot

    Ishitunot New Member

    Hi. Finally set up asps and found Taylor still blurred and also pics didn't appear when clicked on. Thanks!
    weldondoggy likes this.
  10. weldondoggy

    weldondoggy New Member

    Taylor's face is blurred in all her photos, don't worry though she is beautiful.
  11. v8what

    v8what New Member

    Thanks for the easy to follow guide.
  12. Cmh614 Guy

    Cmh614 Guy Contributing Member

    Some girls still have blurred pics. Maybe there is a CG reason, maybe the lady wants it that way. Taylor is a gem!

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