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Mongervision: When in the real world, how do you see things?

Discussion in 'Freestyle (sexual topics)' started by sirdosser, May 18, 2017.

  1. DonBrewer

    DonBrewer Senior Member

    It surely doesn't take a hobbyist to be drawn to your alluring self my good doctor...I am only perhaps fifteen months into the hobby..and I surely didn't think when I saw an intriguing woman whther they "worked" but I had a lifetime of understanding that every once in a while a simple hello or a smile in a checkout line could lead to your head being bounced off the headboard...so I smiled a lot...
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  2. Greeneyedude

    Greeneyedude Senior Member

    Forty years ago A girl I went to HS with was a playboy centerfold .
    Not only that but she was hefners " girlfriend " for a while

    Last guy any of us thought would be in playboy.
    Hippee pre grunge look, that is flannel shirts and work boots , total tomboy look.
    Nothing " girly " about her

    Naturally every guy in the school ran out to buy a copy, probably still have it in the attic somewhere .
  3. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    A girl I used to tend bar with is currently making porn films.

    Funny thing is, she was really hot and everybody wanted to get in her pants in the restaurant, but her porn does nothing for me at all.
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  4. clave665

    clave665 Senior Member, Moderator, Official Eunuch of BGFE Staff Member

    Donno if this related, but I'm watching People's Court...and in the 'Harvey Levin crowd' were two ebony sisters that I KNOW did some porn vids.

    I wonder if people picked that up.
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  5. superdogg69

    superdogg69 Senior Member


    UTR discussions are banned from this board

    Just a friendly reminder o_O:confused::wideyed::eek:;)

    Junior Wannerator
    @little willy 's Vice President
  6. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    It seems like everyone is in porn nowadays lol I have had a few girls apply and send me clips and most are so unappealing I don't hire. I also had a porn star tell me she does everything, even BBFS cause she gets tested every six months.. I was literally speechless When:banghead::eek::eek::drool: I was younger we used to throw hotel parties in the cheaper motels that had a channel with porn on a loop. Needless to say how awkward it was when a girl we went to HS with mom was getting gang banged in one of the movies :eek::shifty::stop::(:Arrgh::nailbiting:
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  7. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    On another note I have had guys come up to me in hotels, at bars, in casinos (and to my girls and friends), and ask if we were working..... Like pretty ballsy right? I have even had guys see the girls go in the room and come and knock on door to proposition them. Talk about nuts. I had a male driver scare the shit out of one once. Please tell me no one here has ever done something like this before!
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  8. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    I think some of the cases are fake so it wouldn't surprise me if you recognized an "actress" on there. Lolz
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  9. clave665

    clave665 Senior Member, Moderator, Official Eunuch of BGFE Staff Member

    They weren't litigants....they were in the crowd that Levin gets opinions from.
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  10. lovelyemma

    lovelyemma Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

  11. sirdosser

    sirdosser Senior Member

    Never. Ever. Although I once tried to kiss a bartender at Coyote Ugly. We have to learn to control our impulses. Mongervision sees, but exercises restraint.
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  12. sirdosser

    sirdosser Senior Member

    Yes! Reality TV is the realist. Real or not, it's free to get a seat in the audience and when their short the poach from the line at Dr. Phill's.
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  13. Left

    Left Member

    My man I agree , port authority after midnight and they send all the commuters to the basement is a trip ! You walk down the dungeon and the home less come out like zombies asking for money . I'm a decent guy and feel bad but you can't say yes to everyone who puts their hand out and while I'm the subject of monger vision I am a nut Job and thee is tbis beautiful striking African American girl who works in another area and I flirt with her but she knows I'm not single and will say that I'm a bad boy but she likes the attention . Her body is a 10 + 5"6 inch girl 105 lbs and she has the Perkiest tits and small waist long story short she tells me it was her birthday and got her number to take her out for her birthday when she had time ; She has my number and sends me a video of her dancing so what does this jackass do ? Total guido move ! I send he a pic of me in my briefs like Anthony wiener . So she complimented me and then I say your turn " I asked for a boob shot since she had one of my chest and BVD "s . She sends me a pic of her tits and oh my god I was not wrong " some of the best , sweetest C cups on a small frame ever . Next day I see her and I gave her and I gave her an impish smile and she told me I better have deleted that pic !

    Problems of the mind ! Cuckoo bird
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  14. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    Another Day in The Life of Monger !
  15. Left

    Left Member

    @weldondoggy , I cross the line every day ! Girl who cuts my hair . Single mom which I have a soft spot for cause I have kids and I just know how hard it is on them anyway she is hot and we flirt from the minute I sit in the chair . She rubs against me and I get a boner like a teenager and i always tell her what a greet ass she has . She tells me I am crazy and I need drug in her accent so one day the flirting got the best of me and when I was leaving I almost forgot to tip her . I go ik the back and she washing some woman's hair. She sees me a laughs as I approach her to tell her " did u really think I wasn't going to tip you ? She proceeds to wash her clients hair and I pulled the dirty grandpa move , i Whisper in he her ear " your hands are occupied so I'll just slide this tip in your jeans back pocket and yes I caresss her firm ass on the way down the back pocket and back up the picket and then I said that was nice and did it again " she laughed thankfully and il cracking up thinking about the woman who's hairdresser is being molested my a monger ! Lol
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  16. styles

    styles Senior Member

    It's been a long long long time or has it ?
  17. Nina

    Nina Social Agency * Verified & Featured *

    I like that they looked for porn stars as extras lol I may watch that show now
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  18. ledawg1

    ledawg1 Member

    i kind of take it the other way

    I hobby for variety and now have many mental fantasy reference points

    when I see a cute woman, which is pretty much always, I pretty much go to the memory of the provider who best matches her physically and project the past sexual acts onto my new temp vision gf. i'm not thinking about cute rando sucking my dick, I'm "remembering" how exactly she would do it
    sirdosser likes this.
  19. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    I do exactly the same thing. I saw a girl in a theater the other night that reminded me of Megann, and my mind immediately went back to our sessions.

    Not a bad thing at all!
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  20. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    You're lucky she didn't call the cops. You might have completely misread her and crossed the line tremendously.
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