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Rain forest tryst

Discussion in 'Erotic Fiction' started by Boomer, Oct 23, 2016.


have you woken up to a wonderful dream like this and did you have a partner to reinact it with??

  1. Woke up with dream without partner

    2 vote(s)
  2. Woke up with dream with partner interested in reinacting the dream

    2 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    Rain Forest Tryst

    The dream started with me walking through a fog with a light mist of rain that seemed to be suspended in the air. I felt the mist on my face as I walked toward what appeared to be a light in the gathering dusk.

    As I approached the light I noticed that everything around me was green. Everywhere I looked I saw various shades of green as some plant claimed it's unique niche. No spot of tree bark, ground, or stone was left uncovered. Vines were suspended from branches stretching to reach the ground all covered with various colonies of moss each with it's unique shade of green. The pathway was s soft bed of moss that tickled my bare feet and lent a coolness that soothed my every step.

    As I approached the light I began to notice a mound of flowers illuminated in a manner enhancing the color of each petal. The flowers made both s bed and a blanket for the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or imagined. As I drew closer I noticed that this heavenly woman was you my Samantha and that you were peacefully sleeping. You looked as if you were deeply immersed within your own dream and that you were about to kiss someone with open lips

    Like a magnet I was drawn to your side and I could not resist the urge to kiss your forehead. However, your lips parted slightly more revealing the top of your tongue that was moist and beckoning. My lips obeyed the charm of the moment and came closer and closer to your mouth. The tips of our tongues lightly touched and a spark ignited from where we touched and spread through my entire mouth and a warm glow chased the spark all the way into my heart which began to slowly melt.

    Our lips reached across the gap toward each other tenuously avoiding the spark by our tongues. Occasional sparks would jump onto our lips as they drew closer closing the gap. Once our lips met the spark ignited the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced sending sparks through my body into my toes and my fingertips. The kiss thusly igniting our passions seemed to last forever.

    Slowly your eyes began to open with Lids quivering. Your green eyes slowly appeared thought the ever widening slit. Starring blankly at first you appeared to be blind. The site of your beautiful eyes stole my breath away and our lips parted. Gradually your eyes began to focus on my face and a broad smile stretched from ear to ear. A gentle gasp and moan escaped your lips and you drew a deep breath.

    You pulled me down to you as we hugged and continued to kiss passionately exploring our mouths with our tongues. I could feel myself get hard and start aching to be inside you. Suddenly to my surprise as my tongue broke away from your mouth to explore your ear I realized that your hands were unwrapping my member as it swelled to even larger proportions in response to your finger tips circling it's head. I began to kiss your neck and you began to moan in delight. One hand began to stroke my shaft as the other continued to work the head as my precum emerged and I started to moan along with you.
    I was so excited to return the favor so my tongue began to explore your breasts as my fingers unwrapped them one at a time. Your nipples were already erect and responsive to my lips as more moans escaped from your mouth and you began to breath more deeply. I got up to my knees to admire your beauty and noticed that we were both breathing deeply in rhythm. Your hair wonderfully cascaded down over your heaving breasts as my finger tips gently squeezed your nipples. I pulled off your pants to admire your long legs converging to your cunt whose lips already appeared moist and inviting. I started to kiss your feet which were so sensitive. I started to wrap my lips around your large toe as giggles turned to coos. I heard a sigh as your fingers lost their purchase on my cock. I turned around to a 69 position to honor your sigh as you delightfully pulled off my shorts and started to explore my boys with one hand and work my head with the other. My mouth began a slow journey from your feet up your legs teasing your knees as more giggles erupted and your body began to squirm. I felt a finger explore my butt hole and I knew it was time to return the favor with my tongue while my fingers circled you clit. Your finger began to penetrate me in slow thrusts that sent tingles up my spine. My tongue began to explore your clit and lips. I was amazed how moist your were already as my tongue penetrated your cunt and you began to thrust your hips up to meet my mouth. I felt as if I were going to burst and somehow you felt my cock throbbing and stopped before I erupted. You squirmed out from under me and reversed the 69 with you on top. You played with my cock between your breasts as you pushed your pussy into my face. You pushed your clit up and down my nose as my tongue thrust in and out of your cunt. Your juices tasted so sweet as they ran down my cheeks. You stared to play with my head with your tongue as my cock began to swell once more. Your hands began to pump my shaft in circular movements until tingles went up my spine. Then you put me into your mouth for deep penetrations your lips moistening my shaft. Slowly I found my hips rhythmically moving to enter your mouth as your lips sucked down to the base of my shaft. Once again I was about to burst when you stood up on you knees with my cock throbbing in your hands. You moved your wet pussy down my face and massaged my nipples with you pussy lips as you lifted up to show me your beautiful moist pussy hovering over my chest. Your hands still working my shaft as you slowly moved into a reverse cowgirl position. You tickled your clit with my head until I begged to be inside you. You slowly lowered yourself onto me for a sensual deep penetration only to pull out and teasingly rub my head on your clit again. With one hand on my shaft and one playing with my balls you began to bring me in and out of your cunt at first with only my head penetrating and occasionally deeper penetrations as I marveled at the sight of my hard cock making love to your tight wet pussy. I pulled your shoulders back and your hands supported yourself on my heaving chest. I began slow and deep penetrations as I felt your skin sweating and your arousal rising. Your hips hovered above my cock as my rhythm pick up it's speed and we both started breathing heavily and joined into a duet of moans. One of my hands cupped your butt as my other hand began to massage your erect clit as our pace quickened. We rode our pleasure rapidly up to erupt into a simultaneous orgasm that seemed to last forever and ever.

    Suddenly I realized that I had stopped breathing and in one deep gasp I drew air into my chest and started to laugh in joy. I have never been more happy in all of my life. Then with a voice of an angel you whispered "thank you for such a wonderful way to wake up"

    I then realized that I was still in bed
    Stretched my body in an effort to hold onto such a beautiful dream.

    Then from under the blanket I heard you giggling. I pulled up the covers and found your grinning face and you said "would you like to take a walk in the rain forest?"

    Love you my dear
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