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Relaxing Spa -- Anaheim

Discussion in 'Spa Reviews CA' started by Biggeorge, May 26, 2016.

  1. Biggeorge

    Biggeorge Senior Member

    I was in the Anaheim area recently. There are so many massage places to choose from. This time I went to Relaxing Spa. It is on S. Euclid in Anaheim. It is between Ball and the Target on Euclid.

    The sign out front just says Massage. But the building entrance has a banner that says Relaxing Spa.

    There was only one lady working. It was $50 for the hour. The woman Dora is either heavy set or pregnant. I was not sure which?

    Facedown she started the massage but then the doorbell rang and she exited to attend to the new customer. After a few minutes she was back with me and apologized. It was annoying as I was just warming up with her. She again starts the massage and excuses herself to go attend to this customer who was in the next room. I heard Dora then call on the phone, I guess for another lady.

    Now I was not happy as these interruptions were ruining this session. When she returned I told her that this can't keep happening and she assured me it would not as she apologized a 2nd time. So she continues the massage which wasn't bad using oil with a Swedish/ acupressure combo.

    I was massaging her a little too. At some point she had me flip over and started rubbing me. Then she held up 6 fingers. Well I do not like negotiations and 6 is way too much for just standard service. I just looked at her and smiled.
    She started working on the front of me. I suggested more but she pointed down and said it was not possible now but next time more. So either she was very pregnant or was chubby and had her period?

    After a nice front massage, she used a hot towel to clean up the oil. I asked how much it was for the half hour and she said $40. I was figuring that I was going to get shorted time anyway. We were at the 20 minute mark at this point so at the half hour point I said that we can stop now and I will take the half hour.
    I said this way she can go take care of the other customer. She said ok. I told her to keep the $10 as part of the tip and I gave her an additional $30. She was fine with that and thanked me.

    She said to call and make an appointment with her next time so I would not get the other girls. I thanked her and said goodbye.

    Overall I doubt I would return. She was nice and all but the interruptions and hint of an amount for a tip are real turn offs.
    Last edited: May 26, 2016
  2. angelinajones

    angelinajones Social Companion Verified

    I'm a CMT based in Downtown San Diego, however, I travel worldwide.
    Fly me to your city for a relaxation session of Nirvana, unlike any other you've ever experienced!

    See my stellar TER reviews.

    Angelina Jones

  3. Biggeorge

    Biggeorge Senior Member

    I will definitely keep you in mind beautiful Angelina when I am in the San Diego area. Thank you.

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