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The Next To Go

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NJShoreGuy51, Feb 16, 2017.


Who's Next to Go?

  1. A. Reince Priebus

    2 vote(s)
  2. B. KellyAnne Conway

    0 vote(s)
  3. C. Sean Spicer

    5 vote(s)
  4. D. Melania Trump

    0 vote(s)
  5. E. Steve Bannon

    1 vote(s)
  6. F. Other

    1 vote(s)
  7. D. Sessions

    0 vote(s)
  8. H. Robert Mueller

    0 vote(s)
  1. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Congratulations to those who predicted Mike Flynn would be the first out of the Trump Administration. But with that being said, seeing what is happening is disconcerting to say the least.

    My experience tells me when a firing occurs it is typically followed by at least one more. The idea is that it is easier to clean house all at once than to do it in piecemeal. Typically too when you see a firing you also see a second with that person being connected to the first either as their boss or subordinate. As Trump cannot fire himself, someone may possibly fall because of Flynn and the Russian mess.

    So, who's next? Who's next out-the-door and why?
  2. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I got Flynn. Now, I'm voting for Bannon in the poll because that's who I'm hoping exits stage left.

    Though, sadly, I doubt I'll get my wish. I'm going Sean Spicer. I'm quickly tiring of his act, anyway.
    KingCock likes this.
  3. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Sean is a good pick but I think he'll stay as long as he there's other major issues as he is the shiny ball allowing some needed distraction off other real stories. But his voice is just as annoying as KellyAnne's. And Btw, has anyone ever heard Bannon speak?
  4. Greeneyedude

    Greeneyedude Senior Member

    if Kellyanne doesnt start keeping her mouth shut ( yeah I know its her job) she'll be next

    funny you included Mrs Trump,. that wont happen until hes out of office, no way now
  5. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    You know what the big problem is? And I'm surprised it has not been addressed.

    She should NOT be doing interviews.

    You have one spokesman and you funnel it that way. Focus, drill down, concentrate on message, discipline, core plans.

    The set up is terrible and anyone who took Media 101 sees this.
  6. jaguar567

    jaguar567 Member

    OK,.....I like long shots,....so just like before when I said none of the above
    and said it should be Kellyanne before you listed her,...I'm going to say
    Chris Christy. Yes I know he hasn't been appointed to ANYTHING
    just yet,...but he will be,...and than something will crop up,..and
    with a nudge from Kushner,......he than will be Poof,.....his big ass will vanish.
    I know real hail Mary pass !! But wtf,....its not like I'm putting money on this.
    NinaHartman likes this.
  7. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Out-of-the box thinking, guy! I can only hope you're right! Let's wait and see.
  8. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    When Senator John Blutarsky was considering a challenge to Trump months ago, many here laughed.:bawling:
  9. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    I am going to guess Spicey. Someone made the argument that today's presser was a "fuck you" to Spicey.

    As in, "that's how you do your fucking job."
    superdogg69 likes this.
  10. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    Bingo. He's done
    Kdrralph and sirdosser like this.
  11. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    One of the strangest things I've ever watched.

    He makes the Soup Nazi seem like a happy camper.
    Kdrralph and sirdosser like this.
  12. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    The Soup Nazi was at least good at his job.

    njlefty and sirdosser like this.
  13. sirdosser

    sirdosser Senior Member

    I have to go with Spicey too. He's the first line of defense against the press and they are waging war on the White House. I've noticed they're working in concert, sharing information and plugging each other in their stories. Spicey can't dance well enough to keep out of trouble. I actually think there's a better than average chance that he may resign before he gets the boot.
    njlefty, wamulover and Kdrralph like this.
  14. superdogg69

    superdogg69 Senior Member

    Sean Spicer
  15. asum4me2

    asum4me2 Contributing Member

    I can tell you snowflakes who it WON'T be........................President Trump. :smug:
  16. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    I was thinking Law & Order Mongers would want a souvenir.

  17. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Just remember, snowflakes in time can turn into avalanches and bury you.
  18. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    It's happened before.
  19. wollffiiee

    wollffiiee Senior Member

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