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To thine own self be true, but one has to know who that self is first.

Discussion in 'Go Off Topic (non-sexual)' started by NinaHartman, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    I had posted this on another board a few years back, but that board is no longer around at all....So I may as well post it here!

    How many of you guys have taken one of those personality profile tests?(the ones that give you a four letter result) I'm not talking about the BS ones in Cosmo, but one based on actual science. If you haven't, it can be done for free online:


    Here's another one:


    There is no pass or fail,(plenty of people go back and forth between two types) and it's best to answer honestly to get the most accurate result. Both of these are based on the Myers-Briggs/Jung model. Results are useful for tons of reasons, but they pretty much determine how your brain processes stuff. It can help you get along better with others, and if you're in any kind of situation where you're unhappy with your job, etc...They can point you in a direction where you can be happier, and it's a really good way to figure out your own strengths and weaknesses, too.

    So, what's your type??
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  2. tryan125a

    tryan125a Retired

    ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.

    I think that means I'm boring...lol
    njlefty likes this.
  3. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    I did one of these a long time ago. It was the red blue green one. I'm naturally red shades of green. Interpersonal skills are all about knowing yourself and knowing who you are interacting with. Then you adjust yourself for them.

    Works pretty dam good in the bedroom
  4. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Not at all! ISTJs are generally really good people.(at least the ones I know) Anybody of any type can be boring. The whole 11.6% thing means that your type is more common, and that is a good thing. It means more people know how to relate and interact with you, that's all.
  5. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    I'm estj
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  6. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Yes, it does! I'm not too sure about the color test though. You might want to give this one a try though, it covers a whole lot more than interpersonal skills.
    thai84 likes this.
  7. tryan125a

    tryan125a Retired

    oh, well that's good....I forget what blood type I am but a doctor told me it's so common, that one could put a shovel in the ground and find it.....bhwaa

    hey, Sean Connery is an ISTJ...no shit. I knew I liked that crusty old PIA
    njlefty likes this.
  8. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Hahahahahah, too funny! We have the same 3rd and fourth functions!
    thai84 likes this.
  9. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    Red is a leader. Then tend to take charge but make mistakes because they don't think things through.

    Blue is a follower. Very loyal and competent but don't want limelight

    Green is the thinker apt to lead or follow but tend to do neither because they analyze to death

    So when I'm dealing with a red personality I'll go blue or green to support and ensure a good result

    When I'm dealing with green I have to go blue so we don't clash. The blue has to listen before the red decides

    When I'm dealing with blue I can be more myself
  10. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    That's a good thing
  11. little willy

    little willy Senior Member -Wannerator-

    Should we fill out Nina Hartman Bestgfe.com here?

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  12. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    After answering 60 questions....

    - "Administrator". Much in touch with the external environment. Very responsible. Pillar of strength. 8.7% of total population.
    thai84 likes this.
  13. thai84

    thai84 Senior Member

    Me too
  14. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Yep, although to be honest, my third function is T by a slim margin. I think if I use the color system I'm a green/blue.....I analyze, but not too much.
    thai84 likes this.
  15. tryan125a

    tryan125a Retired


    Saddam and Hillary.....cmon I'm just busting chops but thats funny
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  16. seaver15

    seaver15 Senior Member

    I think I probably responded similarly when you posted this previously, but I had an ATF who was absolutely obsessed with this. She made me take the test while lying naked in bed with her (this was on a multi-overnight trip so time was not an issue), and after the first 15 minutes it started to get annoying. The good news was I was lying naked in bed with her watching her get completely excited by and immersed in this which was enjoyable. I don't doubt the core validity of the test although my recollection is that the questions are sufficiently transparent that I think it's relatively easy to skew the results.
    KingCock likes this.
  17. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Yep, that sounds about right.
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  18. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    And so were Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell. I'm safe in Heaven.:bawling:
    tryan125a likes this.
  19. NinaHartman

    NinaHartman Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Yes, I remember that!! And the results can be skewed by people who are out to do so. The most accurate way to get your cognitive style analyzed is to have a cognitive Science professional follow you around for a while(I have done it, invasive but learned a whole lot) The Enneagram test can be a little more definitive in some instances too.
  20. seaver15

    seaver15 Senior Member

    Is an Innie-gram the opposite of an outie-gram?
    NinaHartman likes this.

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