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Trump's Metric:How Do We Know If He Succeeded

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NJShoreGuy51, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Businesses and individuals create a metrix to use as a tool to measure success. Essentially, it's a roadmap to make sure your on the right track. Now that President Trump is in office, I'd like us to offer the BestGFE Matrix to Mr. Trump so that along the road he as-well-as we know if he is indeed Making America Great Again.

    Here's some Measures I think he be should be held accountable:

    - Unemployment is currently 4.7% as of 12/16. His benchmark needs to be 4.0% by the end of four years.
    -Obama added jobs to the Economy for 75 straight months. Trump's benchmark should be 48 straight months.
    - Almost 23 million jobs were added to the Economy in Clinton's 8 years in office. As Trump is claiming to be the Best Job Creation President ever, a target of 10 million new jobs in four years in not unreasonable.
    - The U.S. Debt is $20.1 trillion currently. Obama arguably added 6.6 trillion during his 8 years initially fighting the Great Recession. Let's see if Trump can cap below 22.5 trillion in four years.
    - Budget Deficits under Obama have been running below $500 billion since 2014 with one year at $600 billion. Trump needs to continue the trend to reduce the annual deficit. Let's have four years below $600 billion for 2018-2022.

    Others here may want to measure our President on keeping his Campaign promises, his legislative accomplishments or the perception of America changing. But asking the new Administration to keep track of the larger picture is a way to assure broad base success for all.

    Good luck, Mr. President. We will be checking in from time-to-time to see how that Making America Great Thing is going.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
  2. LouieGi

    LouieGi New Member

    Are you wearing a red hat, make America great again? Lol
  3. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    No, red underwear, yes. Hat, no!
    Then again I have to ask my next companion whether she has any red "hats" I can slip on to Make Me Feel Great Again!
    LouieGi likes this.
  4. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    One potential problem. When you maintain everything sucks, what happens when you are in charge of everything? In reality, a lot of things could be better. But Trump is getting a better handoff than what Bush gave.

    For better or worse, Obama could blame Bush and the Great Recession. What can Trump blame if there is a recession? Or a trade war? Or an increase in unemployment?

    If these things are tied to the decisions of the present Congress and Administration, it's clearly going to be a problem. And what would the patience be? There was stronger job growth with Obama than Bush.

    And if I rack my brain, the recession in the early 90s was milder than that of 2001 and the Great Recession. The public really wanted to get rid of George HW Bush then.
    Xavier23 likes this.
  5. tryan125a

    tryan125a Retired

    Presidents have so little to do with economic performance......it's a Rothschildren thing.....

  6. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    Provided you use the same metrics Barry and Slick Willy used I'm willing to take this bet.

    However if you start with unemployed who fell off the rolls, then nope.

    Goose and gander.
  7. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    It not something I'm looking to "bet". He's our employee. It's the same "bet" we make with every president who's our employee. He's a Business Wiz, then these metrics are fair. I'm not asking him to jump through hoops. I'm asking him to perform. I'm not even asking him to live up to his Campaign promises (or threats from one's POV).

    If anyone here is a Manager or above, a teacher, an employee or a Business Owner, you likely have used some sort of measurement tool to access or be accessed. Trump's coming from business should be use to the idea of Performance Reviews and Performance Contracts. In fact he I think had a Performance Clause in his Post Office Project in DC. So let's review Trump's success by the numbers. That's fair and as he railed against these things and as he's now in control of them, this should be included as part of the "Objectives" he'll be measured.

    Now, what else do you add?
  8. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I agree with your matrix. I assume as a Manager you're familiar with the term measurables? I would bet he would succeed in achieving the goals set forth in your matrix as long as we follow the same measurables we have in the past.
  9. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Well, let's see in his mid-year evaluation as to how he did to that point. He's not my hire, but he's my employee so let's see how he does.

    Btw... everything here is "measurable ". Not a subjective element to it.

    What else should be added?
  10. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    Workforce participation matters to a certain extent. If unemployment rises slightly but more people are working or more jobs per month are created, then I agree, you have to look at the bigger picture.

    However, I can't recall if those figures also take into account people who are elderly or high school age. At a certain point, you have to expect geezers to retire. And I think some people left the workplace because they could get insurance outside of being employed.

    It's a metric, but it ain't everything. It's like getting being a 100 RBI man in baseball. It's a nice stat, but you have to factor everything.
  11. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    And I look forward to being a retired geezer, myself. Sipping iced tea on the beaches of a free Cuba, with my FREE people around me is a fond dream.
  12. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    What else to add???

    Baseball looks at stats. HOF is about stats so they have a place. Ultimately, Performance can be measured.

    As an employee I always wrote and set my own Objectives for the Year. Trump has in fact done that. Too few jobs so he'll be the Job Creator. The Deficit out of control so he'll control it. The National Debt he always cites as too large. These are his own suggestions as to how in part he should be measured. I just added the standards which are modest.

    So what else should be added? How about some single item actions:
    - Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it
    - Insurance for Everyone
    - Ban Muslims from Coming in to the US
    - Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back
    - Impose Tariffs on goods made in Mexico and China
    - Renegotiate or Withdraw from NAFTA
    - Renegotiate the Iran Deal
    - Cut Taxes and change the Tax Code
    - Eliminate ISIS and take their Oil

    These are his Campaign promises so it's fair they be included too.

    Anything else?
  13. Kdrralph

    Kdrralph New Member

    And he would have to do these things and have positive outcomes.
  14. njlefty

    njlefty Senior Member +My Reviews

    Deport illegals.
  15. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    I believe he backed off the Muslim ban and I would not give him positive marks if he, in fact, achieved this
  16. tartan

    tartan New Member

    Measurable are important but wait till the subjective emotions distract with delivery...

    It's not fair... They have more.. the system is rigged against them....
  17. wamulover

    wamulover Senior Member , Order of Original Thinkers

    Here's what can be subjective, as I stated previously: UE #'s should be measured EXACTLY as they have in the past.
    Keep the measurables that you're measuring standard and we're all set
  18. NJShoreGuy51

    NJShoreGuy51 Senior Member

    Yes, we use the same on as always: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    wamulover likes this.
  19. LBR1310

    LBR1310 Senior Member

    I don't see any of these campaign promises being accomplished, not do I think they should be.

    For me, measuring his success/failure would start with us surviving his term without the following:

    World-wide catastrophic nuclear war -
    Worsening relations with most other countries of the world -
    Further lowering morale in this country -
    Increasing the divisiveness between the political parties, further restricting their capabilities of actually getting anything done -
    Further increasing racial tension in this country -
    Substantially increasing the national debt -
    Substantially increasing unemployment in this country -
    Wasting enormous sums of money trying to build his wall -
    Setting our relations with existing undocumented immigrants and their families back so that their prospects of successfully becoming productive citizens of this country are non-existent.

    I'm scared to death of this country's immediate future.
    Xavier23 likes this.
  20. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

    The protests continue...

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