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U.S. fines TransUnion, Equifax

Discussion in 'General Off Topic (catch-all)' started by LINK, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

    for deceit over credit scores

    I recall some time ago, don't recall which credit reporting agency. Think it was Transunion, i opted for the $1 service. Only to be jerked around, I was billed a different fee. After calling those clowns it was remedied.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
  2. Not Experian?
  3. clave665

    clave665 Senior Member, Moderator, Official Eunuch of BGFE Staff Member

    FWIW I use Credit Karma. Wound up being the same (in fact, they underscored me a bit) as the Big Guys. As I found out during the credit check for my car lease. And it was pretty damn good!
  4. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

    They never do any wrong....:D

    I also use...https://www.credit.com/
  5. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

    Credit karma uses Trans union & Equifax.

    Credit.com uses Experian

    So if you use both you get 3 credit scores.

    Then there's Credit Sesame and Quizzle, i don't care for them.

    These scores are also called FAKO
  6. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

  7. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

  8. Atl Guy

    Atl Guy Member

    Just pay cash and fuck those agencies.
  9. BuggsBunny

    BuggsBunny Senior Member

    aaaaagh. Fuck credit scores. Live your life. Fuck them.

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