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When is it time 2 GRADUATE ?

Discussion in 'Go Off Topic (non-sexual)' started by gdaddy100, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    What is the 'TIPPING POINT' (i.e 'THE MOMENT of CLARITY') when A PROVIDER who is working for AN AGENCY realizes (because she has 'CULTIVATED' a 'DEVOTED CLIENTELE' [read REGULARS])
    i.e It's TIME 2 GRADUATE
    Please enlighten !
  2. lovelyemma

    lovelyemma Social Companion * Verified & Featured *

    Many who work for agency's don't wanna be bothered by posting ads, paying for advertising, screening , they feel safer with a agency . They like just showing up, doing their job , and leaving . no fuss no muss , if they screw up it's not on them it's on the agency.
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  3. Waterclone

    Waterclone Member

    Your assumption that simply having regulars is all it takes to go independent is flawed.

    Independent escorts are essentially small business owners. Their is a skill set that is associated with that. Money and time management. Arranging a location. Advertising. Security. Etc.

    A girl could have 20 regulars and still feel more comfortable with an agency, and a girl with no regulars at all can take off as an indy.

    So, really, the time to graduate is when you feel like you have learned enough about the business to take the responsibility to be your own boss.
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  4. clave665

    clave665 Senior Member, Moderator, Official Eunuch of BGFE Staff Member

    It may not be the beaucoup bucks, either. At least with the agency the gal starts off at a zero financial level. Indy? Rooms, advertising, maybe a screener booker.....plus,.some gals aren't cut out for it. As in 'being on time' becoming a foreign-language phrase, for example.

    ....and sometimes she figures a rate increase is necessary and she finds out that who was an ATF at one price point becomes a wallflower at another.
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  5. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    You guys (i.e lovelyemma, Waterclone, and
    clave665) bring up valid points !
    But it would seem to me that AN INDIE
    (at a rate of $300 p/h) could more easily
    bang out (npi) $1000 (net) a day than AN
    Agency Provider !
    And better yet, MORE $$$ in her pocket and 'less work' !! (i.e fewer clients)
    And......Agency Providers probably suffer from 'BURNOUT':eek: (due to VOLUME) more so than INDIES !
    I'm just sayin.
  6. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    "who was an ATF at one price point becomes a wallflower at another."
    I guess that could be called "a harsh 'Reality Check' Moment" !!:eek:
  7. El Greco

    El Greco Banned

    Many girls don't have the business acumen, or self discipline, or brains to go Indy. Drugs/booze can be issues too.

    There is a girl on this site (she will remain UNnamed) that could be making $300,000 + a year, but has all sorts of "problems" that prevent her from "making it big". Some girls are lazy or dumb, or have substance issues. ( or LOL ALL of the above). ;)

    As for the "tipping point" in the OP's question, many times that is the point when a girl gets FED UP giving up 40%- 50%, and talking guff from a pimp or madam. And some agency girls are seeing 10-16 cocks a day too !
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
  8. Waterclone

    Waterclone Member

    What you are "just sayin'" is that you don't have any idea about the business side of this.

    An indie has to book a hotel that is nice enough for guys to visit. NYC hotel rates vary, but can be quite expensive. Assuming she is old enough to book a hotel room, and has a credit card. Getting their own incall location could be several thousand a month, and credit checks, etc.

    Posting ads costs money. A lot of money.

    Girls with ads can get, literally, hundreds of emails, texts and calls a day. It can be a full time job to navigate all of those and sift the real clients from the time wasters.

    Verifying guys takes more time, and knowledge how do to so. And then there is security. Who bails her out if the worst happens? Who comes running when a client gets overly aggressive, or won't leave at the allotted time?

    Like I said before, for somene with the skillset to run their own business, it can be more lucrative to be independent, but for many people, it's worth it to make less money to simply show up for your shift and leave when you are done, and let someone else do the business.
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  9. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    That's a good (and obviously well qualified)
    answer !
    But, for a highly skilled and highly sought-after Indie with a Portfolio of Regulars isn't
    a day (4 X $300) ?
    Assuming an upscale hotel (in NJ) @ $150
    (not factoring in frequent flier discounts),
    what sort of 'total nut' is she lookin' at per day ?
    (It seems to me, for an INDIE who is at THE
    TOP of HER GAME there is $ERIOU$ MONEY to be made !)
    For an INDIE with AN EFFECTIVE BU$iNE$$ MODEL, $1000 (net) per day
    is most certainly DOABLE !
    (Law School Graduates don't make a $1000
    a day !!!)
    And (it's most probably) ALL CA$H !!:D
    Kindly further enlighten !
  10. GabrielleofNJ

    GabrielleofNJ Social Companion (inactive)

    Someday I really hope all of you guys stop trying to speculate on the income involved in this business. It's never ever right. It's also none of your business. No offense but stick to your own budgets and let the ladies handle theirs.
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  11. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    Just curious.....that's all !
    Don't take it personally !
    (whenever I look at AN ENTERPRISE , I like
    to figure out how it work$)
    I meant no harm !!
  12. GabrielleofNJ

    GabrielleofNJ Social Companion (inactive)

    No harm taken. I just see a lot of numbers thrown around constantly and they are wrong, on the plus and minus side. I just thinks it's a subject not worth the conjecture. We don't ask our clients how much money they make and how do you hide this expenditure from an SO.
  13. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    Point well taken !
    PEACE & LOVE !!:)
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  14. LINK

    LINK Senior Member - vi et animo

    Is that code for the tip...:D
  15. LeMachineAmor

    LeMachineAmor Contributing Member

    This sort of guessing game is flat out silly. And you may have a mistaken idea about what lawyers earn... Yes, a first year law school grad may not make $1,000 a day. But any lawyer with a decade's experience in a good firm in this part of the world if making that plus. Spoken by a man who pays attorneys often, and knows what they earn.
  16. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    Speculation.....YES ! Guilty as charged !!:eek:
    But, you've read the reviews, perused the schedules, see what 'THE HIGH-END INDIE$' command !
    I'm sayin' 'THIS CALIBER of PROVIDER'
    is GOOD FOR $100,000 (ca$h) NO PROBLEM !
    (and.....on a taxable basis THAT = ~$135K !)
    That's my story and I'm stickin' 2 it !!

    If this narrative offends the sensibilities
    of some participants of this forum.......
  17. LeMachineAmor

    LeMachineAmor Contributing Member

    It's not offending sensibilities. It's just senseless. You can never know how much any given provider earns and it's none of our damn business. You can make any assumptions you want and come up with just about any number you want, and so what? Even if you come close to the right answer (a) it is just the result of blind luck, and (b) you will never know you were close because no provider is going to show you her personal financial statement.
  18. El Greco

    El Greco Banned

    Having dated 4 providers (lived with 2), screened for some provider friends , and being friends with dozens of Indy providers, and some madams, I KNOW WTF providers make. The very best elite top touring Indies can make in excess of $500,000. But most girls are making somewhere between $60,000 and $200,000 before expenses. Expenses can add up quickly - think ads, travel (hotels, cars, gas, tolls, cabs, planes), tanning, plastic surgery (MANY providers have had work done, & many more NEED it), hair products and extensions, makeup, phones, lingerie, birth control/condoms, and medical bills. The truth is that MOST providers barely get by, can't manage money well, and many struggle to selling their asses to FEED THEIR KIDS.

    The fact remains that FEW girls have the MODEL GOOD LOOKS, DISCIPLINE, BUSINESS ACUMEN, MENU, and SOBER LIFESTYLE that enables them to make (and SAVE) BIG BUCKS.
  19. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    You are to be Commended !
    You are the FIRST (1st) and ONLY PERSON
    to DEFINITIVELY ANSWER this $64,000,000 QUESTION !!
    You possess the MOXIE, FORTITUDE,
    HAVE FAILED !!!:eek:
    Congrats & Kudos !!
    On a job WELL DONE !
    in providing an answer to this question !
    You may step to the HEAD of the (Master)
    CLASS !
    Keep up THE GOOD WORK !!
    Many Thanx !!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Would you agree, IN ANY PROFESSION
    (but......most especially in this one)
    that.......ULTIMATELY (4 whatever reason)
    "The CREAM COMES to the TOP" !!!:thumbsup:
    El Greco likes this.
  20. gdaddy100

    gdaddy100 Member

    You say :
    "are lazy or dumb or have substance issues"
    "Many girls don't have the business acumen, or self disciple, or brains to go Indy. Drugs/booze can be issues to."
    It is my observation that the above mentioned characterizations are largely
    (for whatever reason) confined to AMERICAN PROVIDERS !
    (it could be "a cultural thing" !)
    A lot of THE AMERICANS .......JUST DON'T "GET IT" !!
    (i.e lack of professionalism, lack of enthusiasm, (piss) poor companionship !)
    HOWEVER.......when it comes to FOREIGN
    PROVIDERS (especially ASIANS)..........
    (I guess it's "A Cultural Thing" !)
    and SOUGHT-AFTER !!
    They've taken the meaning of BOYS' NIGHT OUT 2 A DIFFERENT LEVEL !!! 4real4real
    GFE !!! (a.k.a "the CREAM has COME 2 the TOP" !!!) and there's a lot 2 b said 4 that !
    (they could 'lecture' THE AMERICANS !!!)
    since.......THEY have ALREADY "Taken Them 2 School" !!!
    I'm just sayin'.

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